Who is UL?

Who is UL?


Wolfram Mirbach:

Universelles Leben


Gabriele Wittek, née Maden, born 1933 in Wertingen (Bavaria-Swabia). The daughter of a master tailor; she grew up in provincial surroundings with a traditional catholic education. Trained as a clerk. Married in 1955. 1964 birth of a daughter. 1967 resident in Würzburg. After the death of her mother in 1970, Mrs. Wittek believed she was still in contact with her. She attended spiritual circles in order to get in touch with the dead woman. On the 6th of January 1975 the"inner voice" is said to have broken through to Mrs. Wittek. Since then the "spiritual teacher Brother Emanuel" and "Jesus Christ" are said to use her as their spokeswoman. Since 1980 she has been the only connecting link between God and the world. She will be the last prophet who will be able to convey new interpretations; after her death there will only be revisions of the contents to be expected. As she emphasizes she is nothing more than a sister amongst other brothers and sisters, but her followers attach to her an almost Messiah status, because only Mrs. Wittek herself is able to reveal the ultimate truth for all questions of creed and daily life.

Origin and History:

In Nuremberg and Würzburg cells of the subsequent "Heimholungswerk Jesus Christ- HHW -("to fetch home to Christ association ") have existed since 1975. At the beginning there were four medians in the HHW and since 1980 only Mrs. Wittek. From that moment on she was callled a "Prophet". Since that time syncretistic-Hindu influences have increased in the HHW. In the early 80s Mrs. Wittek travelled a lot at home and abroad, winning new followers with her "revelations". The "Heimholungswerk" expanded . The commitment of a Munich industrialist supplied the HHW with the necessary financial resources. In the meantime the community was renamed to " Universelles Leben" ("Universal Life"). However in Würzburg and surrounds- centre of the movement - the first projects failed because of the resistance of the population. Nevertheless the U.L. was able to continue expanding so that nowadays it is engaged in various economic activities. The U.L. carries on "biological" agriculture and sells its own agricultural products . Having its own "Christus hospital" the U.L. is also active in alternative methods of medicine. In the village of Altfeld - a community belonging to the town of Marktheidenfeld - the U.L. runs its own business centre, existing of so called "Christus enterprises". In addition the firms of the U.L. are engaged in the construction and marketing of buildings, in the field of EDP and in supporting families. The U.L. ply various kinds of trades such as joinery, weaving, tailoring and market gardening.The pedagogical sphere is extremely important for the U.L. Besides kindergardens and day-nurseries the U.L. has been running its own school on the basis of its religious doctrine since 1991.

Doctrine and Practice:

The revelations of Jesus are revised, explained and surpassed by those of Mrs. Wittek. The emergence of the earth and of the world is said to be as a result of the departure from the inital unity. This departure is said to be reversed through Christ, made man in the body of Jesus. On the cross he exudes God's light to every human soul. It has only been possible to ascend up to God since then. The objective is to transcend to perfect unity in as fewer reincarnations as possible. U.L. provides courses which are intended to bring light into the shadowy centres of consciousness. These courses consist mainly of concentration and meditation exercises. Reaching the fourth (of seven) level of the "inner path" one becomes free from the law of cause and effect. At the end of the path the soul is united with the complete awareness.


The U.L. is a dangerous, often underestimated organisation whose totalitarian features are coming more and more to the fore. At the same time the U.L. is withdrawing itself form the outside world. Its business relationships are shady. Many closed communes and settlements of its followers have been created .In Lower Franconia U.L.'s firms and followers are proliferating.

U.L. claims to proclaim the exclusive truth. That's why the U.L. attacks all those who are against them. In its opinion critics of the U.L. only show their low level of sensitivity. The venomous, slanderous and equally dastardly treatment of the critics (anonymous letters) is in conspicuous contrast to the so called aim of the U.L. to bring love to the whole world. The U.L. fights against the "State Church" especially the critics of the U.L. within it. Any criticism must be rejected because of the word of the "Prophet" Mrs. Wittek is considered to be correct in every detail as the all-surpassing revelation. Because Mrs. Wittek and her tidings are the central message of the U.L. one's attitude to Mrs. Wittek is decisive for the relation of human being with God. All Christian conceptions are given a new interpretation.

The U.L. is not a Christian community it misrepresents Christ and Christianity . The aim of the U.L. is to create a self-contained counter-society. The children of U.L.-parents grow up in the U.L.-kindergarden, then they go to the U.L.-school. After that they are apprentices in a U.L.-firm and finally marry in the U.L. The totalitarian influence of the U.L. on its followers shall be brought to bear from an early age in order to bring up a second generation incapable of criticism.

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